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Houston Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

Law Offices of Larry Longer, P.C. understands that the impact of a wrongful death has on your family is irreversible. No amount of monetary compensation can bring back the life of your loved one. However, filing a wrongful death lawsuit as soon after the incident as possible is critical to seek the financial security and support necessary to make sure that this terrible incident does not become an insurmountable mountain on your journey to healing.

Houston Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents

No two automobile accidents are alike. Whether they involve serious life-threatening injuries or just damage of property, the attorneys of Law Offices of Larry Longer, P.C. are on your side. We'll deal with the other parties involved in the accident, insurance, and Houston and TX public roadways to secure fair and just compensation. Don't let one incident stop you from enjoying your life. Call immediately for the best chance of winning your case!

Houston Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents

You depend on your job for valuable income to support yourself and your family. However, in a case of serious employment injury, your job could end up costing you medical expenses, loss of employment, and even the ability to work future jobs in your field. Our attorneys will take the time to listen carefully to your story, so they can passionately pursue the compensation that you depend on.